My Name Is Isaac

Hello beautiful people!
I am Isaac; I live and work in Northern England and in my free time I write many things of questionable quality, some of which end up on this very blog. If you have nothing better to do than I invite you to get comfortable and read, leave mean comments if you like*. Or, if you’d like something better to do, then take a gander at some of my friends who are far more talented than me.

Have a look around.

“If you make this into a giraffe porn workshop I will kill you”

– (former)Vice President of my university creative writing society

“I know you, you’re the guy who did the avocado poem”

-some girl in the pub

“I’ve never actually seen your writing”

-My friend CĂ­ara

“I didn’t know you could write real poems”

-Aforementioned Vice President (this was before the giraffe incident)

*Please address all complaints to:
B. Johnson
10 Downing Street
London SW1